Changing the Community

We understand hearing aids can be a significant expense, which can be challenging for some hearing loss patients. This is why S.E.N.T. Hearing Aid Center along with Siemens/Signia is donating a pair of hearing aids to our long-time patient, Gaby Eyman.

She is a 24-year-old Sacramento native who has been a patient of SacENT and S.E.N.T. Hearing Aid Center since she was two years old. Gaby was born with Turner Syndrome, which caused her to develop hearing loss in both ears.

Since Gaby is a full-time nanny for one-year-old and three-year-old children, her current hearing aids make her job more difficult. Her current pair of hearing aids are outdated and do not fit well. With the new aids, she will be able to better understand and care for the children.

In some cases, using outdated hearing aids can be just as bad as untreated hearing loss. Regardless of if you have hearing aids or not, you should have your hearing checked if:

  • You are having a difficulty hearing in noisy settings.
  • You constantly need to turn up the volume on your television or music.
  • People sound as if they are mumbling.

Regular hearing tests are also important to maintaining healthy hearing and avoiding a decline in quality of life. Untreated hearing loss can result in:

  • Cognitive decline.
  • Social withdrawal.
  • Depression.

Please check our future newsletters to see how we are changing the community, and don’t forget to schedule your routine hearing test.
Her old and new hearing aids


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