Xiaoling Li

Xiaoling Li

Physician Assistant

Xiaoling graduated from medical school in China and was a practicing neurologist. In 2001, she came to Johns Hopkins University for post-doctoral training and was eventually promoted to research faculty. During this time, she was awarded the prestigious Post-Doctoral Fellowship and the Early Faculty Independence Award from the American Heart Association. However, she missed interacting with patients in the clinical setting and thus returned to school to become a physician assistant in 2011.

Prior to joining Sacramento Ear, Nose & Throat, she cared for patients at Johns Hopkins Hospital in the urology department for seven years and the neurology department for five years. She moved to Sacramento in 2023 and is excited to continue to provide compassionate and excellent care for patients in the surrounding area. She is certified by the National Commission on Certification of Physician Assistants (NCCPA).

In her spare time, Xiaoling enjoys playing tennis and hiking. She loves the warm California weather and spending time outdoors.

Undergraduate Education:

  • Bachelor of Medicine, North China Coal Medical School

Graduate Education:

  • Master of Science, Beijing Tiantan Hospital Capital University of Medical Sciences
  • Master of Science in Physician Assistant Studies, Towson University


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  • Roseville (Medical Plaza Dr)
  • Folsom (Creekside)