Head & Neck Surgery

Man holding neck in pain - head and neck surgeryA number of masses may develop in your head or neck; these masses may also be called growths, tumors, lumps or bumps. While some head and neck masses are cancerous, many are not. It is important to see a physician if any abnormal bump or lump persists for more than two weeks. If a cancer is present, early detection provides the highest chance of successful treatment.

A simple examination of some masses may allow a physician to determine their cause based on location, size and consistency. In other cases, additional tests may be required. Treatments are determined by the cause of the mass. Benign neck cysts and masses are usually removed by surgical excision.

Salivary Gland

The salivary glands, located in the mouth and throat, are responsible for producing saliva to keep your food moist, making it easier to chew and swallow. Saliva also aids in digestion, keeps your teeth from decaying and contains antibodies that…

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Thyroid & Parathyroid

The thyroid and parathyroid are separate glands located in the neck. Each serves an important function: the thyroid generates a hormone that regulates the body’s metabolism, while the parathyroid controls the level of calcium in the blood. Together, they are…

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