Subglottic/Tracheal Stenosis


Subglottic stenosis is the narrowing of the area of the windpipe just below the vocal folds, known as the subglottis. The most common cause of this condition is excess scar tissue, which can be caused by previously having a breathing tube placed in your throat for surgery or trauma to the area. Autoimmune disorders can also cause this condition.


Symptoms include a high-pitched noise while breathing, often mistaken as a wheeze. Those with this condition may be placed on anti-reflux medication or treated with surgery to widen the narrowed section of the windpipe. Trachael Evaluation - Subglottic Trachael Stenosis

Tracheal stenosis is similar to subglottic stenosis except the narrowing occurs in the lower part of the windpipe known as the trachea.

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