Facial Implants

Facial implants use fillers and surgical implants to alter the underlying structure of your skin and provide a better balance to the face. This procedure is an option for anyone who feels their natural look can be enhanced by reshaping certain features.

Chin Implants

A chin augmentation is a surgical procedure to reshape or enhance a weak chin. Implants are inserted over the lower jaw, creating a stronger and wider chin and slightly lengthening the face. As with any aesthetic surgery procedure, the best…

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Cheek Implants

Patients with weak cheek structure, a flat face or aging facial tissue may opt for cheek implants. Cheek implants are a simple, low-cost solution that many are drawn to. There are a variety of implant options available that are typically…

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Lip Implants

A lip augmentation is a non-surgical procedure used to give you the appearance of full, plump lips. The most common lip augmentation is the injection of a dermal filler into the lips or in the area around the mouth. This…

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