Dysport is a brand of botulinum toxin type A injectable used in the U.S. According to statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, botulinum toxin injections are the most popular minimally invasive cosmetic procedure available.

The face has 43 distinct muscles, and the effectiveness of the injections depends entirely on whether the injection administrator targets the correct area. Because of this, the injections should only be given by a knowledgeable aesthetic physician. When you visit our professional medical cosmetics staff at Sacramento Ear, Nose & Throat, rest assured that we have the background, training and experience to give you the best injections for the best results.

Dysport injections are typically administered every four¬ to six months depending on the patient’s needs. The number of shots given during the procedure depends entirely on the area and severity of the wrinkles you’re treating. The injection process typically takes about 15 minutes and doesn’t require any recovery time or anesthesia.

The Purpose of Dysport Injections

Botulinum toxin injectables are used for many things. While they are closely associated with cosmetics and wrinkle reduction, they are also used for many physical health problems. Dysport treats:

  • Forehead lines.
  • Crow’s feet.
  • Frown lines.
  • Excessive sweating.

The Differences Between Botox and Dysport

While Botox and Dysport both use the same medication, the size of the molecules in the injections is significantly different. Dysport injections use smaller molecules of botulinum toxin type A than Botox. There are far more similarities between the products than there are unique traits; however, a few aspects worth mentioning include:

  • Dysport spreads through your cells easier and therefore affects a larger area than Botox. This can be an advantage or disadvantage depending on the treatment area.
  • Dysport injections are usually marginally less expensive than Botox. The price is more dependent, though, on how many injections your physician recommends.
  • Botox may last slightly longer than Dysport in most patients. Both injections must typically be administered two to four times per year, but some patients’ results last up to 12 months.
  • Dysport begins working slightly faster than Botox. Dysport’s onset takes two to five days, while Botox takes four to seven days to set in.

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