October is Audiology Awareness Month

Have you had your hearing tested recently? An estimated 48 million Americans suffer from hearing loss, but the average hearing loss patient waits seven years before seeking treatment1.  This is likely because hearing loss comes on so slowly most people don’t realize they have it.

In recognition of October as Audiology Awareness Month, SacENT and S.E.N.T. Hearing Aid Center encourage you to consider the impact your hearing health can have on your overall health and to take an active role in your hearing care.

Many scientific studies have confirmed the negative impacts associated with hearing loss, such as an increased risk of cognitive decline, falls, anxiety, depression and more.

Fortunately, new studies are showing that treating hearing loss with hearing devices can negate the impact of hearing loss. Studies have supplied overwhelming data surrounding the positive impact that hearing devices can make on users.

In a recent survey2, hearing device users reported the following improvements:

36% improved in mental health 
51% improved in social life 
43% improved in sense of safety 
40% improved in relationships with grandchildren
22% improved in physical health 
39% improved in sense of independence 
43% improved in sense of self confidence 
90% reported a better quality of life

If you are experiencing symptoms of hearing loss, we invite you to participate in Audiology Awareness Month by scheduling a hearing evaluation with one of our expert audiologists. They will work with you to find the right solution for all of your hearing healthcare needs.

To schedule a hearing test, please call (916) 736-3399, Ext. 1021. 
To schedule a hearing aid consultation, please call (916) 736-1911.

1 http://chchearing.org/facts-about-hearing-loss/ 
2MarkeTrak VIII Patients report improved quality of life with hearing aid usage By Sergei Kochkin, PhD