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Protect Your Skin This Summer

irregular moles, abnormal moles - doctor checking moles on patients back

It’s summertime! That means family BBQs, dips in the pool and an increase in sun exposure. While hats, sunglasses and sunscreen go a long way toward protecting you, the use of those items alone does not prevent you from developing
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Dermatologist Joins Sacramento ENT

Sacramento ear, nose, throat…and skin? You read that right! We are excited to announce that Dermatologist Michael Trauner, M.D., has joined our team. He will start seeing patients Oct. 4, 2016 at the Sacramento & Roseville offices. Dr. Trauner earned
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Summertime and Swimmer’s Ear

Sunscreen, hat, sunglasses and swim plugs? Are you planning to beat the heat this summer in the water? If you are, you should protect your ears from an infection known as swimmer’s ear. In the summer, doctors typically see a
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